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Book Review - Escaping Destiny by Jeffrey Pierce

Escaping DestinyEscaping Destiny by Jeffrey Pierce

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I recently finished a marvelous fantasy novel - Escaping Destiny, by Jeffrey Pierce. Having been an avid reader for many, many years (especially in the fantasy/sci-fi genres), I am pretty selective about what I will recommend to others. This story was truly exceptional. I was hooked within moments, and am now itching with anticipation for the next book in the series!

Escaping Destiny is the first in the Tapestry series, and is set in a richly detailed universe with multiple worlds. The main characters of the book are all part of an ancient prophecy, and struggle to find their own identities while trying to figure out how to thwart fate. The characters are colorful, believable, and consistent, and their journey through the book is riveting! I would consider this to be a good choice for both general reading and for deeper discussion, as it mirrors often the personal challenges, religious differences and societal prejudices that we often face in our own world.

The author speaks in a clear, descriptive voice, using a minimum of words to convey complex and subtle details. While I virtually skim most books, I actually had to slow down and read this one word-for-word! At various points throughout the book, I found myself in tears or laughing out loud. Many of the passages are incredibly beautiful, such as this one:

"... The mer tilted his head back and began to softly sing. Sovay closed her eyes, holding back her tears as the beauty of the wordless song washed over her. It was as if the sound of the gentle wind and lullaby of the waves had been set to music. There were no words, only the purity of tone and intent that rose and fell from Beltross’s thin lips. The sound held the deep emotion of the sea, the power of an unchained storm, transmuted into the gentle lapping of the waves that danced around a child’s bare toes."

This book easily earns 5 stars from me, and makes my "Favorite Books of All Time" list!

Jeffrey Pierce is a writer, photographer, and traditionally trained shaman who offers a unique perspective to his readers. I imagine him as being very much like the main character in this story, Kai Oakman! He maintains his own website at, where the first three chapters of Escaping Destiny are available for free. I eagerly anticipate his next book, which is due out in May.

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